Pay-As-You-Go Services

The family contracts with PLAN to provide services on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Representative Payee

PLAN can receive government benefit payments on behalf of beneficiaries; deposit those funds into a special account; and disburse them based on a personalized budget created with beneficiaries and their support coordinators.

The Rep Payee service is a trustworthy program that provides financial management solutions for people affected by disability, improving peace of mind for them and their families.

Having an organizational payee can help increase clients’ independence, autonomy and integration in their communities.

    • PLAN disburses funds to the consumer for rent, daily living expenses, routine bills and personal spending money.
    • Annual Rep Payee reports are submitted by PLAN accurately and on time.
    • Consumers get guidance with managing a budget.
    • PLAN will set up a budget based on the beneficiary’s income and expenses. This budget will be reviewed at least once every 12 months, or when large changes to expenses or income occur.
  • PLAN is required to meet all primary needs for shelter, food and medical needs first before any extra money can be approved.


A Conservator is appointed by the court to protect, or “conserve,” the funds and other assets of an incapacitated adult or a minor and to ensure that the person’s financial obligations are being met.  Upon accepting the appointment, the Conservator is subject to fiduciary duties and responsibilities.

PLAN excels as a conservator in cases involving people with disabilities, the elderly or other individuals who need a long-term relationship.

Our expertise in fund investment and management as well as serving as Trustee working with individuals with special needs gives us a unique advantage in serving as conservator.

Trust Advisory Services

PLAN can also assist a family member or corporate trustee by advising them on an as-needed basis.

In cases where individuals have a funded SNT that PLAN does not manage, we can offer advice on smart purchasing, allowed distributions, maintaining benefits, etc.

ABLE ACT Account Services

A STABLE Account is an investment account available to eligible individuals with disabilities. STABLE Accounts are made possible by the federal Achieving a Better Life Experience (“ABLE”) Act. STABLE Accounts allow individuals with disabilities to save and invest money without losing eligibility for certain public benefits programs, like Medicaid or SSI. Earnings in your STABLE Account are not subject to federal income tax, so long as you spend them on “Qualified Disability Expenses.”

AZ ABLE is Arizona’s ABLE plan.  The Arizona Department of Economic Security has partnered with STABLE Accounts and the Ohio Treasurer’s Office to offer this program to Arizonans with disabilities. Although STABLE Accounts are available nationwide, AZ ABLE is only available to Arizona residents. Through AZ ABLE, Arizonans are able to open STABLE Accounts at discounted rates.

In partnership AZ ABLE, PLAN is now offering enrollment and account management services to individuals qualified to open STABLE savings accounts. The all-online accounts will be available to people who:

    • prior to age 26, have a disability that meets Social Security’s definition of disability
    • have additional assets over the $2,000 Arizona’s Medicaid allows recipients to keep, but under $15,000/year (in 2018) to save
  • need a trusted ally, advisor or even limited Agent under Power of Attorney to assist with making qualified distributions from an ABLE account.

ABLE Accounts are a great tool that can work in conjunction with a Special Needs Trust to make sure all the beneficiaries’ needs are being met.