PLAN of Arizona prides itself on the individualized service management provided by its Client Service Coordinators who serve as the primary point of contact for beneficiaries and their families.

PLAN of Arizona plays multiple roles, acting as surrogate parent, sounding board, and advocate to each of the beneficiaries and their families. PLAN’s unique service coordination component provides an individual touch that many other programs do not offer. This truly sets PLAN apart from other organizations. By assisting beneficiaries in preserving public benefits while helping obtain items and services aimed at enhancing their lives, PLAN provides the peace of mind beneficiaries and families desire.

Service Coordinators are there to help with as much or as little service coordination as is necessary. They make and receive multiple phone calls daily regarding status updates, referrals to various outside services or vendors, and recommendations for trust expenditures.

In order to decide whether a given expenditure is appropriate, PLAN considers many factors, including the beneficiary’s age, disability, needs, and trust fund balance. A Service Coordinator’s main concern is to enhance the beneficiary’s quality of life while protecting government benefit eligibility. Because of this, some purchases might be discouraged in favor of a less expensive or more appropriate alternative. The beneficiary’s best interests are always at the forefront and guide the Service Coordinators when making these decisions.

Throughout the duration of the trust, the Service Coordinators maintain ongoing contact between the beneficiaries and their families, programs, and other key people. PLAN meets with the families of individuals who have unfunded trusts to ensure that personal information on file is current.

PLAN meets semi-annually with families with funded accounts or those contracting with PLAN on a pay-as-you-go basis. This ensures up-to-date information and helps safeguard the families and beneficiaries’ satisfaction. For example, if it is found that a beneficiary is no longer able to do shopping on his or her own, the Service Coordinator finds services to meet the individual’s needs and follows up to make certain services are being properly rendered.

Types of services available (for trust clients or on a pay-as-you-go basis):

Bill Pay
Benefit Analysis
Daily Assistance
Housing options
Personal Shopping
Scheduling Dr. Appointments